As a senior creative remembered for her twisted way with words, some sensible folks might remark that Valerie has tried to live her life chronologically in reverse.


Having started her career as an academic legal librarian, she then moved on to a fast and exhilarating stint in motoring journalism for several press publications including The Straits Times and The Business Times. If that was not strange enough, she proceeded to start her own creative agency, followed by a sister technology activation company while serving as a contributing editor for the Singapore Press Holdings for a number of magazine titles. She also started a dessert brand. Those close to Valerie speculates that this is in the hope of making a positive stab at defining meaning and purpose.

While that left her with very little sleep, it has given Valerie a rather large and myriad collection of experiences, people and perspectives. Thus, attributing to her creative knowns and intuition. Work is never a drag for her and she is back to offer her life UX, enjoy the creative process while entertaining the possibility of more sleep.




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